● Technology

In the Lv.5 autonomous vehicle  era, it is expected that the main issues of traffic accidents such as drowsiness, speeding,

and negligence will be resolved through lidar, radar, and camera( vision ) sensors.

However, there is no system for preventing accidents that can be caused by tire problems in autonomous vehicle without driver intervention.

There is an urgent need to develop a sensor that can accurately measure the condition of tires to prevent traffic accidents caused by tire problems.

Due to the characteristics of rotating tires, power supply is limited, and most tire sensors rely on small-capacity coin batteries to supply power. There is a concern about the tire sensor development due to the tire sensor power supply issue.

We, BANF Co. Ltd., solved this issue with magnetic resonance wireless power transmission technology to the tire sensor.

Real-time monitoring is realized by measuring tire condition and road surface condition with sufficient power.

We developed the first autonomous vehicle  tire safety management system that can be controlled without driver intervention.

The core technologies of the autonomous vehicle  tire safety management system are as follows.